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Mynewsdesk and Ragan Communications partner to make digital PR easy

Press release   •   Mar 15, 2018 09:30 GMT

PR SaaS company Mynewsdesk and Ragan Communications partner to make digital PR and communications easy for brand communicators across the U.S. The partnership is announced by Mark Ragan, Ragan Communications CEO, at the Social Media Conference in Orlando later today.

The Mynewsdesk platform allows communicators to take control of their digital PR efforts. From publishing brand stories to connecting with journalists and analyzing their results, it’s an all-in-one digital platform that improves efficiency.

Like many PR technology leaders, Mynewsdesk has its roots in the Nordics and was founded in Sweden 2003. The company has dominated the Nordic PR market for the last decade. In recent years, it has successfully expanded to Germany and the U.K., making digital PR and communications easy for more than 5,000 brands and 88,000 users.

Mynewsdesk now brings the innovative technology, used by many of Europe's leading companies, to the U.S. together with Ragan Communications.

“Helping our customers be effective with digital PR has always been our focus at Mynewsdesk. Telling your brand story has never been more important than it is today, and at the same time, it has never been more challenging trying to cut through the clutter,” said Mynewsdesk CEO Mattias Malmström. “We look forward to helping U.S. communicators be more effective through our partnership with Ragan.”

The Mynewsdesk and Ragan partnership will be announced during Ragan’s Social Media Conference in Florida today, where speakers from brands including Vox, Amazon, IBM Corporate Communications and Salesforce are in attendance.

“Having a digital platform that delivers the type of information journalists are looking for — in the way they want it — is critical,” said Ragan Communications CEO Mark Ragan. “Without it, reporters will click off your site and miss all the great stories you have to tell. We are thrilled to bring Mynewsdesk to North America.”

The importance of technology

In the digital era, communicators and PR professionals across the globe face the same challenges: to increase efficiency and prove results. The importance of using efficient tools is crucial, and PR professionals need to be empowered to take control of the technology to make them more effective.

By using Mynewsdesk, communicators will save time and reach the right audience more effectively. It makes it easier for them to show results and prove that their PR efforts contribute to the bottom line. By collecting all the features necessary in one digital platform, there’s no longer a need to rely on IT for support.

The demand for better technology within PR is undeniable. According to a global survey conducted by Mynewsdesk, investigating technology's role within PR, 85% of PR professionals agree that the focus on technology and digital PR will increase significantly in their organization over the next five years.

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Sara Lindström, Global PR Manager, Mynewsdesk at +46 76 288 56 15,

Create and publish stories, engage with your audience and analyze results — all from one digital solution.

About Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk a leading SaaS PR platform, used by more than 5,000 brands and 88 000 communicators. Mynewsdesk’s complete communications solution enables you to simplify your workflow, expand your influence and get results — simply making digital communications and PR easy. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2003 and currently has more than 220 employees in offices across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the U.K. and Singapore — and now the U.S. Mynewsdesk has been part of the NHST Media Group since 2008

About Ragan Communications

Ragan Communications operates two of the top news and information sites for the PR and corporate communications industry— and Together, these daily news sites attract nearly 700,000 global visitors. The company also covers the health care and HR communication industries with its daily news sites and The Chicago-based company is also the leading provider of conferences and online training to PR, media relations and corporate communications professionals.