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Mynewsdesk broadens its PR and brand engagement platform

Press release   •   Oct 24, 2011 09:00 BST

Mynewsdesk now offers companies a smarter way to identify, engage, and build relationships with its key influencers online. Around 3500 clients can already use this feature today and see what is said about them in social media and editorial websites.
Mynewsdesk provides a simple solution to the question on how to spread PR material and company information effectively. Within the platform, a company can create a newsroom, publish visible, searchable, and shareable PR material, and build a network with a key audience. Moreover, they can receive detailed statistics that concretely measure the results of their communication activities.

Now Mynewsdesk is taking it all to a new level, making it even easier for communicators to expand their network and create engagement for their brand.

– With the launch of these new features, we’re taking a giant leap towards a more complete and smarter PR and brand engagement platform, says Richard Johansson, developer at Mynewsdesk. We have chosen to look beyond a traditional media monitoring service and instead looked to add the possibility of finding key influencers. We’re making it easy for companies to build direct relationships with those that are affected by their business activities.

As part of the Explore features, companies are provided with a clear overview of what is being said about their brand in blogs, social networks, and over 40 000 other editorial sources, in 180 countries. But best of all, they can see exactly who is taking part in the discussion. The marketer or communicator can then reply to articles or tweets directly in the platform. They can even invite key persons to their network on Mynewsdesk and add them to specific distribution lists in one go.

– Companies can quickly react and participate in discussions around their own brand. We find their key influencers, analyzing each person’s digital influence, and make it easy for the company to contact and create engagement with them, says Richard Johansson.

Apart from their own brand, companies can even monitor competitors and specific developments within their industry. The material can be shared with their network and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, for an even wider exposure.

Around 3500 of Mynewsdesk’s clients can start using these new features today.

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