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Mynewsdesk Launches the Hosted Newsroom

Press release   •   Mar 09, 2011 08:00 GMT

Mynewsdesk now offers communicators the possibility to take full control of their online newsrooms. With the launch of the Hosted Newsroom, PR and communication professionals can reach journalists and other influencers on their terms by creating a customized social media newsroom, all while cutting their workload and simplifying their daily workflow.

Recent PR and communications surveys indicate that communicators see their company’s website as the primary channel to share information about the brand, products and services, and press information. An integral part of this channel is the online newsroom usually found there.

Equally, surveys of journalists and influencers clearly show that they use a company’s online newsroom as their main source for corporate information or story ideas.

According to Jonathan Bean, COO, “Mynewsdesk has been studying and developing solutions for communicators and journalists for a number of years. We have now created the Hosted Newsroom in order to meet the needs of both audiences at the same time.”

The Hosted Newsroom allows communicators to keep the valuable features and functions of a Mynewsdesk newsroom, while personalizing its look-and-feel without incurring the high costs usually associated with creating a customized newsroom.

In this way, journalists are able to find the necessary information easily and effectively, directly from the source.

“The Hosted Newsroom will improve the exchange of information between both parties,” Mr. Bean adds. “And that is what Mynewsdesk is all about.”

How does it work?

With the Hosted Newsroom’s simple design interface, Mynewsdesk clients are handed the ability to choose the color schemes, fonts, and logos reflective of their own brand, as well as a unique domain name for the webpage.

Moreover, they can manage both their Hosted Newsroom and their Mynewsdesk newsroom from one place. This means they avoid being dependent on an overworked Webmaster or a complicated CMS to update press information on their own website. All they have to do is login to Mynewsdesk!

The Hosted Newsroom is included with the Premium account.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Bean.

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