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MyNewsdesk Launches the Social Media Newsroom

Press release   •   Oct 29, 2010 08:14 BST

Earlier this morning, MyNewsdesk, the News Exchange Site, unveiled the most comprehensive redesign of since its founding in 2003. The revamp was not only done to improve the site’s overall appearance and navigation, but also to implement the eagerly anticipated overhaul of the Plus Account pressrooms, MyNewsdesk’s premier feature.

And so, after a period of intensive work, MyNewsdesk launches the new Social Media Newsroom.

Now spreading news becomes even more streamlined. Using the Social Media Newsroom, not only can MyNewsdesk customers publish news releases and share them on their various Social Media channels, they can also have these channels and their contents displayed in their pressroom. This means that visitors to a company’s pressroom can easily read, comment on, and share the latest newsflashes, whether it’s the latest Twitter updates, the latest YouTube videos, or the latest blog entries. This also means that journalists and influencers in the media can easily keep abreast of the latest conversations about a topic related to that company.

What is a Social Media Newsroom?

The concept of a Social Media Newsroom has been floating around the (online) marketing world for a time, and while media experts have slightly different opinions on what should comprise a Social Media Newsroom, they can generally agree upon what it means to have one.

Kristofer Björkman, MyNewsdesk Founder and Product Evangelist, says, “It’s about opening up yourself, your company, and letting people in, whether it’s journalists, your loyal customer or your hardest competitor. It’s about listening to your audience and engaging in conversations. It’s about interacting with them, on their terms.”

In order to facilitate this PR and Marketing philosophy, MyNewsdesk’s Social Media Newsroom includes:

  • Sharing widgets for all press material, news releases, and other media
  • Ability to upload images, video, and documents
  • Ability to tag all press material and media published in the newsroom
  • Ability to use pressroom-specific tag cloud
  • Comments fields in all news releases and multimedia
  • Ability to use pingbacks/trackbacks in the blog, which shows other blogs that link to a particular article
  • Ability to display a feed from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Twingly, WordPress
  • Ability to upload all news material to Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress
  • Online business cards of the contact persons at the company, including images, phone numbers, social media channels, and addresses
  • Participation in Network – MyNewsdesk’s social networking feature where journalists, bloggers, influencers, and anyone interested in company news, can follow a company directly, joining their exclusive network.

According to Kristofer, “the word ‘Social’ in ‘Social Media’ will soon become irrelevant. The whole web is social. People are social. Our customers and the journalists that use MyNewsdesk are all social. Therefore, it should be given that a Newsroom is social.”

All of including all Plus Account Pressrooms have been updated. At no extra costs.

The majority of changes to MyNewsdesk are live, but the entire launch will be done in a few steps to ease the process. Several new features, sections, and functions will be live in the coming days. However, at this time, all customers that presently have a pressroom will notice that theirs have been updated. They now have access to all new functionality and can immediately start improving their MyNewsdesk-based PR activities.

Jonathan Bean, Chief Operating Officer, talks about MyNewsdesk's Social Media Newsroom

For those that can speak Swedish, you can view Kristofer Björkman's take on Social Media Newsrooms here.


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