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​Mynewsdesk’s #100Million Challenge Puts Hövding On The Global Map

Press release   •   Jul 06, 2016 15:25 BST

Earlier this year, Mynewsdesk launched their #100Million Reach Challenge, setting themselves the task of reaching 100 million people with a campaign for one of their customers. Hövding were selected and the result was Give A Beep, a campaign which saw London's cyclists report potential or actual hazards on the city’s roads directly to the mayor, Sadiq Khan, via a digital button. The story reached 100 million people and over 2,200 “beeps” to the mayor have been registered. And now, Hövding plan to roll-out the initiative on a global scale.

To demonstrate the capabilities of its digital communication platform, Mynewsdesk launched their #100Million challenge. Following hundreds of applications, the Swedish company Hövding was chosen as the winner of the campaign, with their airbags for cyclists. The campaign was launched in early June and the initiative was Give A Beep which encouraged London's cyclists to highlight dangerous traffic areas by emailing the mayor in real time. Over 2,200 London locations have been tagged so far and the campaign has now reached its target of 100 million people.

“The campaign has shown that scope isn’t everything; telling stories in the right way is the key to successful communication. With our tool, we have contributed to positive change and reached out to a number of the world’s capital cities who now want to do the same”, said Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer at Mynewsdesk.

All companies have a story to tell, but instead of focusing on your brand, think about why you do what you do. With Hövding - their product is a cycling helmet but their reason for existence is because they want to help protect cyclists and save lives. And with that story Mynewsdesk and Hövding reached over 100 million people.

Since the launch of Give A Beep, other governments and bicycle organisations have expressed a keen interest in replicating the campaign in their own cities and this has encouraged Hövding to roll-out the campaign to other capitals across the world.

“Hövding’s ambition is to protect the safety of cyclists, both through our airbag for cyclists, but also through creative initiatives such as Give A Beep. The power of Mynewsdesk's tools made it possible to reach a wide audience. The #100Million Reach Challenge has been a fantastic project - but it was isolated to just London. Now there is a global interest we can take the concept further and help to make more of the world’s cities safer for cyclists” says Anna - Katarina Skogh , Marketing Director at Hövding.

For more information, contact:

Sofia Juhlin - Head of Global Marketing Communication & Brand, Mynewsdesk

Anna-Katarina Skogh - Marketing Director, Hövding / anna-katarina.skogh@Hö

0763-40 04 04 / 076-046 44 32

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About Hövding

Hövding’s airbag helmet for cyclists has been launched internationally and is available in 15 markets across Europe and Japan. Hövdings are sold in over 600 stores and on Hö The company has 22 employees in Malmö. Hövding was listed on Nasdaq First North, June 16, 2015 .

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