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Mynewsdesk set to simplify digital PR in the UK with the launch of their London office

Press release   •   Sep 19, 2011 07:40 BST

From Stockholm, Skype transformed the telecoms industry and Spotify transformed the music industry. Now Mynewsdesk, Sweden’s leading web service for communicators, marketers and their stakeholders takes digital PR in the UK to another level with the launch of a London office.

Mynewsdesk is continuing its expansion. This autumn it’s time for the London office to open its doors. With a highly motivated and skilled team, Country Manager Heidi Noemm is ready to introduce Mynewsdesk to the communications, PR and digital marketing professionals of the UK. 

"We are all very excited about opening up our office in London this month. We pre-launched Mynewsdesk in March this year at the Social Media World Forum and received a very positive response to our product and approach to digital PR. Since then over 150 companies per month have been setting up digital newsrooms on Mynewsdesk. Our new Business Development Team in London is excited to start up our operations in the UK and looks forward to growing and serving a large and happy client base just like in Scandinavia”, says UK Country Manager Heidi Noemm.

PR and engagagement tool
Mynewsdesk is an innovative PR tool that enables communicators and marketers to manage and take full control of their newsroom, reach out and engage their key influencers and build a network around their digital content – just in line with what the market is looking for at the moment.

Mynewsdesk has been keen to compete in one of the PR world's most competitive markets for a long time, and now we finally have the green light to do so. It's a thrill to be able to offer our top class services, and to learn from an advanced market about how companies interact with their most important stakeholders. I think that the competition will greet us with curiosity, but also with some degree of fear. Our team is up to the challenge of how to best support clients in the UK market, while also helping global clients who need a better network in the UK", says Mynewsdesk CEO Peter Ingman.

Last year was a year of rapid expansion for Mynewsdesk, with offices being opened in all Nordic countries as well as in Singapore. This has also involved the company growing in staff numbers from 50 to nearly 100 employees.  The London office is just another step towards a global presence for the company. 

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