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Newsroom on Facebook Page with Mynewsdesk Application

Press release   •   Feb 21, 2011 09:00 GMT

Mynewsdesk releases a Facebook application allowing companies to add a newsroom on their Facebook Page in less than 2 minutes. . Skansen, Ving Norge , MrJet, Viasat, Projectplace och Solresor are just a few companies that have already launched this feature.

The Facebook Page newsroom appears in a separate tab and is updated automatically from Mynewsdesk. All newsflashes, blog entries, and multimedia in the newsroom can be “liked”, commented, and spread by Facebook users. This press material appears on Facebook unabridged and is not published among the status updates.

“Social media has become a popular source of information, even for journalists. Facebook contributes to this too.“ says Kristofer Björkman, founder of Mynewsdesk.

“That’s why it can be good for companies to publish press information there. However, the status updates on a Facebook ‘wall’ might not be the best place as this section is usually reserved for customers or ‘fans’. Of course it’s possible that a journalist can be interested in a company’s status updates, especially considering the discussions that often arise there. Yet, it could be difficult for journalists to see the value of these updates as long as they are predominantly customer-focused.”

He concludes: “Therefore, having a newsroom on a separate tab on a Facebook Page could be a great channel for social media savvy journalists to get relevant press information quickly.”

Alexandra Bylund, Web manager at Solresor, is one of Mynewsdesk’s clients and has tested the feature on Facebook. She says, “I believe that journalists can be a target audience, now that we have our newsroom published on our Facebook Page. We can recommend journalists to ‘like’ us with conviction, as we know they can access news and press releases there.”

But there is another purpose to this. “When we were offered this opportunity, I realized that our regular ‘fans’ could easily access our news updates as well. This allows us to share our news updates in a professional manner, without the limits of the status updates. My goal is to continue communicating our news updates in our newsroom, rather than on our ‘wall.’”

Karin Zingmark, PR Manager at Viasat Sweden, reckons that “all journalists are online, more or less, and a company’s brand is discussed online whether or not you want it to be discussed. So, as a company, you must be present, you must listen, and you must interact. Mynewsdesk has understood this and they way they integrate different online platforms is precisely in line with recent media developments.”

“The majority of our audience on Facebook consists of customers, but naturally there are journalists within this group. In turn, our audience on Mynewsdesk is mostly made up of journalists, but of course there are customers there too. Therefore, it’s only logical to add our newsroom to Facebook, in the same we link to our Facebook Page from our Mynewsdesk newsroom.”

The Facebook Page newsroom feature is included for free with the Mynewsdesk Plus account. The application can be implemented in just a few minutes by the administrator of the Facebook Page and does not require any programming.


Kristofer Björkman, Chief Visionary Officer, Mynewsdesk. Phone: +46 707 75 89 92 E-mail:

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