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Strong growth for MyNewsdesk: First Quarter sales increase by 63%

Press release   •   Apr 29, 2010 09:35 BST

The First Quarter of 2010 saw a 63% increase in sales for MyNewsdesk, climbing from SEK 6.5 million to SEK10.6 million, combined with a profit of nearly SEK1.7 million.

The company gives two reasons for this sharp increase in profits: Firstly, their online marketing which reflects a commitment to existing customers, and secondly, the company’s expanding international operations.  In addition, MyNewsDesk’s products, which focus on simultaneous news distribution in social media, are now reaching a broader segment of the market.

"Our products and services fit with the times,” says Peter Ingman, Managing Director of MyNewsDesk. “We feel very proud to be able to offer so many new companies the opportunity improve their communications through one simple platform”

The scope of the company’s growth, however, is not limited to sales.  In March, MyNewsdesk had more than 820 000 visits from users who searched and published news on their service.  Those visitors represent a diverse and broad selection of countries and markets, which bodes well for the company's continued international expansion. The largest increase in visits to the site came from Nordic visitors, followed by users from the UK and the United States.  The company’s products support today’s demand for publishing and distributing news-related content on a global scale.

MyNewsdesk plans to continue its expansion. The company currently has 43 employees, but estimates that by year end, 60 people will be on board in the Nordic region.

In early April the company opened its first international office in Oslo.

“Norway’s response to our products and services has been incredibly positive,” says Peter Ingman.  “PR people understand and appreciate how our products simplify their communications, while at the same time maximising exposure to journalists and other stakeholders. For one, we save them time.  For another, the solutions we provide to users in Norway are wholly unique.”

About MyNewsdesk:
MyNewsdesk AB is a simple and effective online service for exchanging company-generated content with journalists and other relevant stakeholder groups. Founded in 2004, the company is currently used by more than 10,000 businesses that are, in turn, monitored by over 10,000 subscribing journalists and other parties in the Nordic Region. The company is owned by NHST, a Norwegian media group that owns
Dagens Næringsliv and other leading business and trade publications.