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Press release   •   Oct 26, 2010 10:11 BST

MyNewsdesk, The News Exchange Site, reached its 1 millionth monthly visitor last week, in its quest to spread corporate news to a relevant and interested audience.

During the summer of this year, a noticeable increase in the number visitors occurred. The upsurge in web traffic is mainly down to MyNewsdesk’s continued sales and marketing efforts in new markets outside of Sweden. Because all press material has been made available and search-optimized for various languages and local markets, MyNewsdesk has been able to attract a larger international audience.

Historically, the website has seen a steady growth in traffic. This growth correlates with the increasing number of organizations, companies, and public sector offices signing up to MyNewsdesk, using its PR services, and sharing and spreading their latest news releases to a targeted audience. This rich content attracts more and more journalists, and other interested parties, who know that they can find the right information for their articles from thousands of companies.

It is becoming apparent that companies using MyNewsdesk, apart from publishing news releases more frequently, are also using more diverse press material such as videos and images. All this content is read, written about, linked to, and recommended by readers in relevant social networks. In turn, this also increases traffic to the source material, on MyNewsdesk’s website. Even journalists that have written articles based on a company’s press information, have started linking directly to that company’s press room, on MyNewsdesk, when they realize that it displays even more relevant information for interested readers.


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