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Which brand has the best online newsroom?

Press release   •   Sep 06, 2012 18:03 BST

Mynewsdesk client imagineear has been shortlisted for the Digital Impact Awards in the category of Best Online Newsroom. imagineear will be competing for the award against the BBC, Centrica, Honda and Heathrow.

Andrew Nugée, CEO of imagineear, said: "As a small company with broad ambitions, Mynewsdesk's newsroom has been an invaluable ally. It has allowed us to communicate smartly with our audiences, learn, iterate and improve - and so punch well above our weight."

Mynewsdesk’s online newsrooms enable businesses of all sizes to achieve visibility for their news and multimedia content.

Otto Gumaelius, Mobile Media Manager at imagineear, said: “Our news releases from our newsroom have resulted in coverage in a wide variety of media, from the BBC's leading technology programme, to specialist publications.

"We have also become the biggest brand in our industry on Twitter, in terms of both followers and engagement."

"As a start-up without established press lists, we used Mynewsdesk to overcome this and publicise our work without having the
contacts of an established media operation. The ability to aggregate a diverse range of media assets in our newsroom and get it out to a wide variety of recipients via various channels through the newsroom has greatly simplified, economised and centralised the entire process, making the management of the process much easier and streamlined."

The Digital Impact Awards will take place on 16 October 2012 at The Brewery in London. 

This year’s competition for the Best Online Newsroom is going to be intense and it will be interesting to see what the judges decide. Whoever takes the prize on the night, what matters most to Mynewsdesk and imgaineear is that their social media newsroom and digital PR platform is delivering real results in terms of reputation and exposure.

Mynewsdesk wishes imagineear the best of luck!