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Who will you invite to your next release party? Mynewsdesk knows.

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2012 08:38 GMT

Mynewsdesk - the Swedish ‘new-school PR-tool’ company - has today launched a new
version of its monitoring feature, called Explore. This is not a media database, as PR
are used to. In fact it isn’t a monitoring tool like anything else on the market. This tool allows
comms practitioners to discover the key influencers who are most relevant to their brand. But
it doesn’t stop there. The best thing is how it interacts with Mynewsdesk’s Analyze, Network,
and Publish features. 

Let me guess - your social network has grown bigger and bigger lately? In your personal
life, sometimes it’s difficult to find the people who really matter within this network. You have
hundreds of relations, connections, and so-called friends. But when it comes to the crunch,
who can you count on? And even if nothing goes wrong, wouldn’t you like to have a super-
interesting, extraordinarily fascinating time with a very special group of people? Who are
they? How do you take care of them? In other words: Who will you invite to your next party?
And what will you serve?

PR practitioners: invite these people to your party - and serve them

As communicators and marketers, you have to ask yourself the same questions. Who really
matters to your business? You may have thousands of ‘likes’, ‘followers’, ‘visitors’, etc, but
at the end of the day, you can’t engage with all of them, right? You have to take care of the
100, 200, maybe 300 individuals who matter most to you. You have to serve these people like
you’ve never served anyone before. Yes - some of them might be journalists with a powerful
influence over their readers. But some of them will be industry spokesmen, bloggers, thought
leaders, social evangelists, customers, partners, etc. People with authority. People with great
networks. And - don’t forget - people who think you and your business are great. In other
words: Who will you invite to your next release party? And what will you serve?

These people not only want - they need - the ‘information advantage’ in order to be someone.
They need their authority, which is the currency of power.

People ask me: "How many journalists do you have?" And I say: "Well, how many are there
on the web?"

The PR industry has been driven by this mission to find the people that matter the most.
So far, the most common solution offered has been the media database from third party
suppliers, perhaps in combination with further research. 

PR pros are starting to find out that these databases are often not up to date, and even
worse,  don’t include all the people that matter. The social web has completely overturned
these old-school tools and approaches.

People ask me: "How many journalists do you have?" And I say: "Well, how many are there
on the web?"

How do new-school marcoms pros work? They start by listening to people who express
themselves online, figuring out who really matters, connecting with them and treating these
people like long lost friends.
Mynewsdesk Explore helps PR practitioners find the people who really matter

This last paragraph needs to be broken up into about 6 paragraphs! And I think it is also much
too complicated!

When the PR pros’ find interesting people, check what they’ve been writing about, check their
influence scores, etc, they simply drag these people into their contacts lists or invite them
directly to their professional network on Mynewsdesk.  Now, PR pros have the opportunity to
send out exclusive information so that their networks receive information before others. Of
course, anyone can follow a company on Mynewsdesk, without being directly invited, which
will give these followers access to the most up-to-date material from the company. But still,
if followers would like the VIP-material; get the information before others; these stakeholders
have got to be a part of the selected few. And vice versa - when the PR staff finds the most
influential people in their industry, these guys might not be interested to even following,
because the neither the company, or the company’s material, is interesting enough. 

Apply for a free account. We would love your feedback.
/Kristofer - founder of Mynewsdesk

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